Shanda Flauhaut

“Being a single mom of not only my kids but my sister’s kids as well and barely surviving on my income, paying rent and bills, and having clean clothes felt like a luxury I couldn’t afford. Prior to having help from Laundry Love, I could go months without having clean clothes or washing kids’ school clothes by hand. These past two years, I was neck deep in financial hardships, from being unemployed to having COVID twice. I’ve suffered the heartfelt loss of my poor baby. During that time, I found help from Laundry Love. They provided us with the comfort of having clean clothes. Laundry becoming my favorite chore, and I’m now part of Laundry Love’s family. We share meals together, and my kids are given the opportunity to create art with love and attention focused on them. The staff has also been very helpful with finding other neighborhood resources. They’ve been a great help.”