We Are An Initiative To Make Life A Little Easier For The Well Being Of Our Community

Our Story

The story of the national Laundry Love movement began when T-Bone - Eric, a homeless man living in Ventura California was asked a question: “How can we come into your life in a meaningful way?”. His response was honest and practical, "If I had clean clothes, people would treat me like a human being."

Laundry Love Fort Worth began when founder, Kelli, and her neighbor, Jayne, a school teacher had a conversation about a student in Jayne’s class being bullied because she wore the same clothes to school everyday. From this conversation, the two women realized the need in their community for families and individuals to have a service that provided the ability of having clean clothes and Laundry Love Fort Worth was born.

Laundry Love Family

Each event brings us closer to people from our community who fight many battles alone. We get a chance to connect with them, listen to them, and make them feel valued and loved. The inspiring personalities, courageous stories, and hearts full of love motivate us to do more. In addition to free laundry assistance, we spread kindness and create an atmosphere of fellowship where strangers become friends. We offer free children’s activities in our Kid’s Club area. We provide a light meal, as well as snacks and drinks. At each event our client’s worth and dignity is acknowledged and celebrated in a stress free environment. It is a pleasure bringing joy to their lives.

Be A Part Of Our Mission!

To contribute to this great initiative, go to the volunteer tab on our page to sign up. We'd love to have you.

Get Laundry Help!

Come and join us at our upcoming event.

You are welcome to book an appointment for the event we host on the third Saturday of every month. Together with our dedicated volunteers, we are here to share your burden. For moms and dads don't leave your kids at home, bring them along and we’ll keep them entertained at our Kid’s club. Come be a part of our family, let's have a light meal and share conversation and fellowship. Book an appointment now.


What you get at Laundry Love

  • Funds to do your laundry, detergent, and dryer sheets.
  • The fellowship of Laundry Love volunteers.
  • Kid’s arts & crafts area.
  • Light meal.

A $25 recurring monthly donation will cover the cost of providing free laundry for one family per event. Families deserve to be treated like humans and have the ability to wear clean clothes. At Laundry Love we humbly appreciate your contribution.

Some Heartfelt
Stories Of Our Clients

Meet Our Volunteers.

We are grateful to have a team of compassionate kind and caring volunteers who make washing clothes enjoyable and safe for our clients.

How Clean Clothes Can
Make A True Difference