Abrisha Jones

It’s been a year with Laundry Love. At the time I contacted them, I was literally missing payments on other things just to do some of my laundry. As I have four kids, Jaylon, Jordan, Jaden, and Jii, affording laundry was a big problem for me. Laundry Love has really been a blessing to my children and me. We can now enjoy clean clothes, and I don’t have to miss out on my bills. While struggling to fulfill my kids’ needs, I was going pay-check to pay-check, with nothing to save and barely surviving, but Laundry Love has taken off such a huge burden from my list. 

I especially want to thank Mrs. Kelli. She is such a light and joy to be around; even when you can’t make it, she calls to check on you and will send you a card to cover the laundry cost so you can still wash clothes. I love all the positive vibes and great conversations; they also keep my kids occupied while I wash, and let’s not forget they provide food and snack. There is absolutely nothing that I don’t like about this program or the people who help every one of us. We need more people like them in the world. It makes things a little bit better in this cold world. I am so grateful for this program and Mrs. Kelli. It makes you keep hope in a place where it’s hard to even keep a smile on your face.