Give The Gift Of Connection This Holiday Season

Festivities, love, laughter, and joy… You can feel them all around you. As Christmas is just around the corner, you can see streets lighting up, kids singing festive rhymes, and your town all getting decorated in green and red. 

We can feel the excitement every moment we meet and greet our people but have you wondered how the people who are so caught up with their day-to-day struggles to fulfill their basic necessities are going to celebrate? 

They might not. They might prefer staying inside. Do you know why? Because they are not privileged to have clean clothes to wear every day like you and me. 

There are many families in the U.S. who can not afford to buy laundry products. There are large families with kids wetting the bed every now and then, messing up their clothes, and they are asked to put on the same dirty dresses because these families can’t afford laundry. 

Your close ones are not the only people you should care about…

It’s good to be involved, concerned, and supportive toward your close family members or your friends. Your community people should matter too. You must be aware of what’s going on around you, what battles people are fighting alone, and whether you can help them in some ways or not. 

Charity begins at home.

You may have heard it a lot more often. Do you know exactly what it implies? 

Your home doesn’t only mean the place where you live; it refers to your community, your town, and your state. And here we are to tell you what many of your community members are going through. 

You have seen an ample number of organisations working to provide food and shelter, but laundry is something hardly anybody bothers to think about. There are families who are dealing with loads of laundry being piled up at their places. They don’t have the funds to wash it regularly. 

Hence, they are left with no option but to put on unhygienic clothes. The toll it creates on their mental, emotional and physical health is unbearable and unexplainable. But they are living through it helplessly. 

For once, put yourself in their shoes. If you were given the option to choose either one- food or laundry, what would you choose? Food? That’s what they are doing. But here’s a thing you can make a difference in their life. You can help them. Here are the two simple ways to do that: 

Donate This Holiday Season 

At Laundry Love, we gather donations and organize free laundry events every third Saturday of the month. Inviting many families and individuals, we provide cleaning supplies, washing units, and assistance to help ease their burden. 

With a minimum of $25 recurring monthly donation, we can cover the cost of providing free laundry to one family per event. Your generosity can let a family enjoy the dignity of wearing clean clothes this holiday season. 

Volunteer at Laundromat 

Free up a few hours and come over to our event to give a helping hand to families. We bet you will enjoy every second spent at our laundromat. We not only help them wash, but we also connect with them, enjoy light meals and share interesting stories. It’s a great time to sink in and get close to amazing people in our community. 

Share the joy and build relationships. Washing clothes was never as interesting as it is at our events. We welcome enthusiastic individuals to work with us to bring the change and feel the true happiness. 

We Must Be There When People Need Us 

Everyone should have a place to connect with people, talk about their struggles and be a part of a genuine, non-judgmental conversation. We all should step ahead, connect with people around us and help them by sharing their burdens. A simple contribution can make their festive season more joyful and cherishing. 

So, don’t stay behind. Visit your nearest laundry organization or get in touch with us. We welcome anybody willing to contribute. 

If you want to learn about how we work, explore more about us on our website. You can even find feedback and stories from our people. 

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